Jonathan L

C4D Experiment

Experimenting with Typography and 3D Objects, within the context of infinite loops. Starting with a simple shape. 

The Type's scrolling direction alternates every side.


"Caged in"

— Skills

3D Design, Wire-framing, Animating, Editing


Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere Pro

A university project, from my time at “The University of the Arts London”

Brief: To create a visual responce to our experience visiting the London Zoo.

Project: To imagine the human, caged up, on display.

The complexity of the cage was not important to fulfil the concept, so I kept the design minimalistic. 

Both the base and the roof are made up of 3 Segments:




After finalising the cage shape, I created a few textures. I wanted a striking red juxtaposed to a soft blue background.

Composing the shot (at an angle) and adding a 2nd light source helps bring a wider range of colour, tones and dynamics to the overall scene. 

More-over, it allows us to, better, see the reflective properties of the materials

Finalising the textures